This opulent contemporary villa is ideally situated in a discrete relatively wind-free district near the centre of Cape Town. It is designed to maximise the abundant natural light which serves to illuminate its sumptuous interiors. One is at first struck by the generous elegant proportions and light, airy atmosphere throughout the villa. The materials and rich furnishings complement to dress the open high-ceilinged living areas in a tasteful palette of beige, tans and gilt.

The clean white marble entrance lobby constitutes a mezzanine floor which opens out into large open plan reception living and dining areas. Double storey height glass facades with wooden rectangular pane frames reminiscent of Oriental design allow light to stream into the spaciousness of the ground floor reception areas of expansive white marble flooring. Animal print upholstered armchairs stand either side of a huge picture mirror over mezzanine steps leading down to the formal dining and lounge areas. Gilt and silver surround large mirrors reflect the light from large patio doors while luxurious intricately woven Persian rugs and carpets grace the floors. A formal eight seater dark dining table sits at one end of the room under arresting chandeliers with matching sideboard furniture while beige and rich yellow armchairs sit on a rug under a striking ochre-gold abstract painting above a white marble fireplace. A deep comfortable brown couch is placed here to sit flush at waist height to meet the central floor level. Fine occasional tables and elegant plant pot tables frame the fireplace in a pleasing symmetry. An attractive white stone staircase and floating L-shaped bridge lead to the first floor and sits to one side of an alcove recption room with large display cabinet viewed through a cut-away wall recess decorated with candles.

On the first floor the master en suite bedroom is sumptuously furnished with luxuriant brass-taupe drapes dressing the windows, a cane and dark wood chaise longue and fine antique wardrobe, dressing table and escritoire writing desk. A very substantial mirror is mounted above the headboard in ornate carved gilt while an oriental folding screen leads off to the bathroom. The generous dimensions are elegantly high-ceilinged and tone sensuous as invitingly furnished in warm rich colours highlighted by distinctive pear-shaped glass chandeliers. The bathroom features a white porcelain bathtub and matching freestanding oval wash basins standing on a richly carved curved leg cabinet table. The mirror and substantial wood surround above is equally intricately wrought. There is also a walk-in shower area here.
A spacious and well-lit informal lounge resembling an artists studio has an assortment of furniture ranging from zebra skins and upholstered easy chairs to black leather sofa and reclining modern chaise longue arranged around easels displaying portraits. An adjoining broad terrace here opens out onto marvellous views.


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