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Booking Terms and Conditions


1.) It has been recorded and agreed:

1.1) the duration of the Tenant’s occupation of the Premises will be as indicated above.

1.2) the number of occupants of the Premises during the period shall not exceed the amount indicated on the listing page of the property booked.

2.) It is agreed that in order to confirm the provisional reservation the Tenant must ensure that “Villas in Cape Town” receives the deposit, in a form acceptable to Villas in Cape Town, and Agrees to be bound by the terms of the booking by making payment.

3.) The balance of the total amount owing in respect of the reservation shall be settled in a form acceptable to “Villas in Cape Town” at least 60 days prior to the arrival of the Tenant.

4.) In the event of cancellation of the confirmed reservation more than 60 days prior to the agreed date of arrival, “Villas in Cape Town” reserves the right to retain the full amount of the deposit.

5.) In the event of cancellation of the confirmed reservation less than 60 days prior to the agreed date of arrival, “Villas in Cape Town” reserves the right to retain the full amount of the rental cost.

6.) We highly recommend that every person included in the booking has travel insurance , including cancellation insurance in force for the entire duration of the Tenant’s occupation of the Premises. “Villas in Cape Town” advises tenants to also take out personal contents insurance.

7.) Our refundable breakages deposit function works  by of  credit card payment (I.e. Reserving) an amount on your credit card which is mandatory prior to allowing check in. Should we need to claim damages you will be informed within seven working days of departure and invoiced accordingly. The damages will then be claimed against this invoice.

7.1) In our experience this happens very rarely and we are not overly concerned about a couple of glasses broken but we will act in the best interest of the villa (Premises) and it’s owner.

7.2) Events and parties are strictly prohibited at the villa unless prior arrangements has been made.

7.3) Please be further advised that the refundable deposit amount in the case of severe damage  (usually after a “party/event” at the villa, premises, – which is NOT PERMITTED without prior permission) is not limited to the amount stated on page 1 in a case of gross negligence to the property.

8.) The number of occupants shall at no time during the currency of this agreement exceed the amount of PAX on that is stated on the listing page, unless an arrangement has been made.

9.) The Tenant who makes a booking thereby warrants his/her authority on behalf of all persons  included in the booking to agree that all such persons shall be bound by the terms and conditions of  the rental terms.

10.) The Tenant shall use the Premises only for residential accommodation and any commercial activity must be expressly authorized prior to occupation. If any unauthorized commercial activity occurs, the rental rate for the period will be double (2 times) the agreed rate or the tenants will be evicted

11.) The Tenant shall notify “Villas in Cape Town” within 24 hours after the date of arrival of any defects  in the Premises and shall, if the Tenant has not notified “Villas in Cape Town” or the property manager as aforesaid, be deemed to have acknowledged that the Premises were received in good condition.

12.) All villas are booked by the Client as per the description and details presented to the Client by the Villa and/or the Premises page on the “Villas in Cape Town” website. “Villas in Cape Town” cannot be held as the  responsible party should the client be unhappy with the Client’s choice of premises.

13.) The Tenant shall keep the Premises in a clean, tidy and sanitary condition.

14.) The Tenant shall not cede any of its rights or delegate any of its obligations under this agreement.

15.) The Tenant shall not sub-let, permit anyone else to occupy or part with possession of the Premises or part thereof.

16.) The Tenant shall not have any claims of any nature against “Villas in Cape Town” or the owner for any loss, damage or injury which the Tenant may directly or indirectly suffer (even if such loss, damage or injury is caused through the negligence of “Villas in Cape Town” or “Villas in Cape Town” servants or employees or the owner) by reason of latent or patent defects in the Premises or fire in the Premises or theft from the Premises or by reason of the Premises or any part thereof being in a defective condition or state of disrepair or any particular repair not being effected by Villas in Cape Town or the owner timorously or at all or arising out of any defect in the water, gas or electricity supply to the Premises or arising out of his major or any other cause either wholly or partly beyond “Villas in Cape Town” control or the control of the owner or arising from any other cause whatsoever.

17.) The Tenant shall not be entitled to keep or to bring onto the Premises any pets without the prior written consent of “Villas in Cape Town”.


  • Any booking cancelled more than 60 days prior to arrival date pays a 50% fee.
  • Bookings cancelled less than 60 days from arrival date pay a 100% cancellation fee.
  • Refunds and waiver of cancellation policies are at the discretion of management and the ability to re-let the property.
  • We advise all clients to take out cancellation insurance.