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Unique Foods you have to try in Cape Town

Cape Town is fast-becoming one of the gourmet food cities of the world, with everything from street food to fine dining on offer across the board. Almost weekly, new eateries pop onto the restaurant radar, providing diners with an array of cuisines. And that’s the best part about the Mother City food scene: its diversity, which means you will find bobotie to braai vleis - and everything in between here!

These are some of the unique foods you have to try in Cape Town… and where to go to try them:


1 – Discover Cape Malay cuisine at GOLD Restaurant

Unique Foods you have to try in Cape Town

There are many places to enjoy Cape Malay-style cooking in Cape Town but if you’re looking for a vibey, interesting and all-round lovely African restaurant experience, then GOLD Restaurant is your answer.

GOLD offers a set, 14-course Cape Malay and African menu, which is sure to “transport you from Table Mountain to Timbuktu.” The menu changes seasonally to keep it fresh and exciting.

And, with both sharing and single portion dishes, you can enjoy the likes of Zambian sweet potato cakes, South African ostrich biltong and peppadew salad or Cape Malay pie and potato samoosa, to name but a few dishes taken off the (summer) menu.

The wonderful, rich culinary experience at GOLD is enhanced by unique interactive entertainment and traditional performances. So if you’re looking for opulent African cuisine and an authentic Cape-African experience… go GOLD.

For more information on GOLD Restaurant and its offerings, contact: (021) 421 4653


2 – Test your bravery at La Tête

Unique Foods you have to try in Cape Town

Photo credit: La Tête Facebook page via Facebook

La Tête opened in 2016 to much wonderment and, in some cases, shock, and introduced nose-to-tail dining – a proper, waste-not-want-not system – to the Mother City’s culinary scene.

With capable chef Giles Edwards at the helm, La Tête allows diners to test their food bravery by trying new foods, in a minimalistic, yet chic restaurant setting.

Given how things like crispy pig tails, chicken hearts, and duck liver on toast make their appearance on the menu, there’s no doubting that La Tête (which means “The Head” in French) has challenged traditional eating norms.

In the process, it has also successfully converted many diners (who would not previously have eaten such things) to a different, more sustainable and daring way of eating… and you could be the next one…

For more information on La La Tête and its offerings, contact: (021) 418 1299.


3 – Eat healthy at Scheckter’s RAW

Raw foods and superfoods are taking the world by storm, as people start to become more food conscious and take what they put into their tummies more seriously (rightly so).

For owner Tony Scheckter – the brains behind Scheckter’s RAW – the restaurant was born because he simply wanted to replicate health food trends he’d encountered across the globe, in places like New York city, during his travels by offering more health food options to the Mother City.

He has a desire to promote a giving, sharing environment and provide other conscious eaters with the authentic, honest, plant-based and cruelty-free food they crave.

Everything at Scheckter’s RAW revolves around what is natural, nutrient-dense or honest, so you know when you eat here that you are doing your body real good, inside and out.

Sink your teeth into hearty Quinoa Porridge, cold-pressed Kale juice, a probiotic bowl – or even just sip on an organic Matcha Latte and experience the trendy city elegance of Scheckter’s RAW.

For more information on Scheckter’s RAW and its offerings, contact: (021) 434 1364.

Unique Food Experiences Cape Town - Schenkters RAW

Photo credit: Scheckter’s Raw Facebook page via Facebook


4 – Braai your own food at Galbi

As Cape Town’s only “interactive Korean fusion barbecue” – albeit with a South African twist – Galbi is, overall, one of the city’s more unique restaurants, with some cool food on offer.

In Korea, galbi cuisine is hugely popular… The concept is simple: the galbi house serves marinated meat, cooked by the customers themselves at their table.

So now, thanks to Galbi restaurant in Long Street, diners can try new foods and also, sit at their table and cook/braai their own food in a restaurant too!

Using a small table grill, diners cook delicious kuku and other meats, served with baked tofu, garlic bread and summer salads. Food is inspired by South Africa and Korea equally, and meals are prepared for two.

In addition to all Galbi’s yummy foods – like garlic bread, baby back ribs and mushroom shots – you can enjoy a drink from the bar. It serves wine, beer, cocktails and even some Korean drink specialities too!

For more information on Galbi and its offerings, contact: (021) 424 3030.



At all of these restaurants, you will find unique food delicacies – like biltong, Cape Malay-style butter chicken and more – that you simply have to try in the Mother City!